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Vallarta Botanical Garden — 2022 Garden of Excellence Award — American Public Garden Association

Current Conservation Efforts

For the past several years, the Garden has been purchasing parcels of land that adjoin the VBG, thanks to the generous donations of some of our members and benefactors. These land purchases are not intended for an expansion of the Garden, but are a buffer zone that will forever remain in its pristine state.

We have installed camera traps to photograph the wildlife living in these areas, and are overjoyed with the surprising results, several of which can be seen on other pages of this magazine. We have also hosted scientific surveys of these areas, to document the plants and other creatures living in these areas.

These land purchases will provide a safe haven for animals and plants, safe from the incursion of civilization, and allow these creatures to live their lives in a manner intended for them. Any donation that you can make to the Garden’s land purchase fund will be greatly appreciated and will benefit creatures like the ones seen in this magazine and their offspring

The Vallarta Botanical Garden is an important contributor to Puerto Vallarta’s reputation as a medical tourism destination.

Exposure to a natural environment such as a botanical garden is not just a pleasant experience by refreshing the spirit and pleasing the senses; it has a proven healing effect on the mind and body. Besides the benefit of exercise, doctors point out that the longer-term effect of walking in a forest or jungle environment – such as the practice of ‘forest bathing’ – reduces stress and obesity, improves cardiovascular function, reduces high blood pressure, accelerates recovery from illness, diminishes risk from diabetes, helps in pain management, improves sleep, increases energy levels, boosts the immune system and improves brain function – and more.
When his brother pointed out that spending time in a garden environment helped significantly reduce his headache episodes, Doctor Mohab Ibrahim; Program Director, Pain Medicine Fellowship; Director, Chronic Pain Management Clinic; and Associate Professor, Anesthesiology at the University of Arizona, conducted experiments on the effect of the green light spectrum. In a recent interview, Doctor Ibrahim revealed that these results in pain reduction proved so encouraging that a piece of prototype equipment is slated for commercial application.
The Vallarta Botanical Garden’s fresh air environment, several degrees cooler than sea level, provides a variety of areas. Some sections are easy to walk, with plenty of sitting opportunities.
By Carla Piringer, Author of Introduction to How I Got Rid of Migraines – A 4th Generation Sufferer’s Journey to a Cure

Elusive ocelots are small wild cats native to the southwestern United States, Mexico, and Central and South America. They have solid black spots and streaks, round ears, and a white neck and undersides. They prefer dense vegetation near water, where they hunt nocturnally for small prey. Usually solitary and territorial, they are good climbers, leapers and swimmers. They can breed throughout the year, though the peak mating season varies geographically. After a gestation period of two to three months, the female gives birth to a litter of one to three kittens. They stay with their mother for up to two years, after which they leave to establish their own territories. Many populations are decreasing due to habitat destruction, hunting and traffic accidents. The association of the ocelot with humans dates back to the Aztec and Incan civilizations. It has occasionally been owned as a pet