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Vallarta Botanical Garden — 2022 Garden of Excellence Award — American Public Garden Association

Living Plants Collections

The Vallarta Botanical Garden hold two of the most important native tree plantations in Mexico, the Oak and the Magnolia collections. The VBG Mexican Magnolias Collection has nine years and consists of about 130 specimens of seven species. On the other hand, the VBG Mexican Oak Collections has more than 18 years and consists of more than 100 specimens of at least 12 native species. These great projects have been achieved thanks to the work in collaboration with the Botanical Gardens Conservation International, the ArbNet Global Interactive Community of Arboreta, and universities like the University of Guadalajara, the Botanical Garden of the Benemerita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla and other botanical gardens. Currently, the VBG keeps working on the propagation programs to exchange trees with other gardens and translate these conservation efforts into our environmental educational programs.

Magnolia Collection:

  • M. dealbata
  • M. iltisiana
  • M. jaliscana
  • M. montebelloensis
  • M. ofeliae
  • M. pacifica
  • M. pugana
  • M. tarahumara
  • M. vallartensis
  • M. yoroconte


Quercus Collection:

  • Q. acherdophylla
  • Q. acutifolia
  • Q. aristata
  • Q. castanea
  • Q. centenaria
  • Q. coccolobifolia
  • Q. elliptica
  • Q. glaucescens
  • Q. iltisii
  • Q. insignis
  • Q. magnoliifolia
  • Q. rugosa